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Adele and Helen, the team at Little White Dress the bridal shop, Chesterfield

Summer is coming and the lighter nights are approaching. When you are getting married, I think these longer spring days make you feel like you can conquer the wedding world!

Here at LWD we are in love with THE Elegant White Dress! Timeless shapes, minimalist materials, the most perfect single detail.

I think when you fall in love with a dress – that perfect elegant white dress – its always about that ONE detail the you love most. At Little White Dress, we want to find what your perfect detail is.

Will it be the elegant SLEEVES that fit you perfectly – just covering the little bit of your arm that you are super self-conscious of?

Will it be the bow that’s on the back, the front or the arms of your elegant white dress?

Is YOUR dress the one because the bodice wraps around your body and makes you feel supported, comfortable and oh so elegant. Or maybe the small flowers that add just that perfect amount of detail ?

Could it be that simple puddle train that swishes are you walk? Or maybe you have fallen for the grand, longer train that commands your guests attention as you sweep down the aisle in your gown?

Could it possibly be that your dress is just a perfect sheath gown? Or a magnificent simple ballgown? Or maybe it’s that fabulous fit and flair that hugs you in all the right places and shows off the parts of you that you are most proud of?

We pride ourselves on selecting the right gown for you, by following your lead, and understanding your wants. Whether that means finding that dream dress from your childhood or just dealing with your sassy entourage that know you better than you know yourself? Together we will find your perfect, timeless, elegant white dress – and when you know – you know!!!

If you need us to help you find your perfect wedding dress. Get in touch!

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