How To Plan A UK Wedding On A Budget

Helen searching through off the peg wedding dresses for Adele's budget wedding

How to plan a UK-based wedding on a budget BUT still have the most fabulous wedding day… When the average cost of weddings in the UK is £17,300?!

Honestly, when I tell you the cost of living crisis is hitting everyone in every single thing we do – Bridal hasn’t escaped – and we totally understand why. You still want the day to be perfect in every way because you deserve this day and the special memories that will last a lifetime. But, you absolutely can do it on a budget.

I have carried on from my last blog post discussing how to find cheap wedding dresses, but it really got me thinking of other ways that can maybe cut the cost of your wedding… This list is by no means exhaustive. But, hopefully, it will get your creative juices on the right track to planning your UK wedding on a budget. Enjoy!

Blank wedding invitation surrounded by leaves
Save the trees and send out digital wedding invitations to save money

1. Wedding Invitations

This first one is also highly eco-friendly so if for whatever reason you need a reason, use the saving the trees! Send out electronic invites. You can still make them beautiful and there are some stunning digital wedding invites on Etsy (it’s also much quicker to see who’s coming – wins all around!)

Wedding guests doing the macarena in a bell tent with bunting and pretty lights
Ask a friend or family member to perform to save on the booking fee of wedding entertainment

2. Wedding Entertainment

Do you know someone who has a band / or maybe you have a friend who is a JLO wanna-be? This could be the perfect as a ‘wedding gift’ from them to you!

Guests hold glasses in the air at a weekday wedding reception
Opt for a weekday wedding reception to save hundreds

3. Reception

Have a weekday wedding! This can cut your reception costs massively. Also if you find a venue you love, you can maybe get married there too – that way you’ll save on any transport costs too.

DIY 'naked' wedding cake with fruit and flowers and DIY wedding cupcakes
‘Naked’ wedding cakes are much easier to DIY and bang on trend!

4. Wedding Cake

Is there an Aunty who makes the best damn lemon sponge? She’s your girl. Ask her to pop some buttercream on and add a couple of flowers and go for the ‘naked cake’ look. Check Pinterest for DIY Naked Wedding Cake inspo.

Bride's make up palette and brushes for DIY wedding make up
Getting pampered with the girls and doing your own makeup could be a special part of your day

5. Hair and Makeup

Make this a girl gang moment! Again, Pinterest is your friend.

Wedding photographer's face covered by lens and flowers
Date and location has a big impact on wedding photographer prices!

6. Photography

Having just called around a few for our lovely Adele’s wedding – midweek weddings can really make such a difference to prices. So, if you want a professional then this could save you hundreds. Alternatively, do you have a friend or family that maybe does photography as a hobby? If you do opt for that route – it’s an idea to give them a list of all the photos you really MUST have taken and then let them have artistic licence with the rest of them.

Girl running through flower farm to pick bridal bouquet
Who doesn’t want to run through a wild-flower farm and pick their own bouquet?!

7. Flowers

This one has also come from experience when Adele was getting married. Google to see if you can find a wild-flower farm that can maybe make you a simple bouquet – if that. If you are getting married in a church, ask the church group if they can do their weekly flowers in your colour scheme (they may want a small donation or charge).  If you do have separate places for the ceremony and celebrations – move the flowers from one to the other. You could also ask family and friends or on socials for Home Florists. Someone working from their garage or kitchen can still be amazing but will charge you much less. Make sure to ask for photos of their work so you know that they can accommodate the style you love. When choosing your flowers, go for ones that are in season! Finally, you can cut back on the number of buttonholes – keep it to the immediate wedding party. That’s a lot of floral costs saved!

8. Buy an off-the-peg wedding dress

We now stock and sell off the peg wedding dresses – these are dresses that have been sample dresses from the designers. Opting to go for a wedding dress from a couple of seasons ago can literally save you a small fortune! Check out off-the-peg wedding dress here.

There are just a few ideas for planning a UK wedding on a budget. We hope you find the tips useful and please do drop a comment below if you have any extras of your own to add and help out your fellow brides.

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