How to find cheap wedding dresses

Cheap wedding dresses

If the cost is the biggest factor of your wedding… that’s OK. No judgement here. We totally understand that you want to have the day of your dreams on a budget. So, how can you find cheap wedding dresses?

Because you don’t want to be paying yours off for the next five years. The cost-of-living crisis is hitting us all!

Off the peg wedding dresses may be the answer – your saving grace if you will.

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The Little White Dress Way – How we can offer cheap weddings dresses

Here at Little White Dress, we have recently taken the decision to change the way we operate. We now stock and sell off the peg wedding dresses that have once been sample dresses from the designers.

These dresses have never been worn – just tried on. These gowns can be a few seasons old but hey classics never date, right?

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Know your budget – and tell your stylist!

Because they are sample dresses, our wedding dresses are generally much cheaper than the recommended retail price (RRP). Sometimes the older the sample the cheaper the wedding dress will be.

However, we do still recommend that you set yourself a budget and always tell your stylist what this is when you book your appointment. Not only will you keep within your budget, but your stylist will also save you the heartache of falling in love with a dress that’s double what you want to pay.

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Consider sizing up or down

You may find a dress that isn’t quite your size… but most good wedding dress seamstresses/tailors can take out for one dress size and in for two – so you won’t just have your dress size to choose from.

With this in mind, you have four dress sizes to choose from, giving you a bigger pool of choice.

Research cheap wedding dresses

Having said that, try and narrow down what it is that you are hoping to find. It’s a great idea to start hunting down your look – note the styles you love and do your research on your favourite designers and styles first. Looking for wedding dresses on Pinterest is a great place to start.

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Get in the right mindset

Only go shopping when you are in the mindset to buy! The worst thing would be to find THE ONE and lose it because you had to go away to think. It’s also super difficult to replicate the buzz of shopping for your wedding dress.

Little White Dress is re-writing the narrative on buying cheap wedding dresses. We believe that although you aren’t paying the designer price tag… you absolutely deserve the full wedding dress shopping experience. As always, you are the only bride in the studio. Our bridal stylists support you to find the dress of your dreams – and we will always celebrate with you when you find THE ONE.

View our full range of off-the-peg wedding dresses or book your appointment today!

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