Why are sample sale wedding dresses cheaper?

To answer that question – it’s probably best to start with what are sample sale wedding dresses?

A sample sale wedding dress is a dress that has been purchased by the shop from the designer, so that the brides can try it on to choose their size. 

This means that the dress has been in-store only, tried on by brides, but has not been altered in any way or worn outside of the shop.  She is no less loved and arrived at the store as any new dress would for a bride. 

The dress may also have been discontinued by the Designer and so therefore not available to order and so the dress will be added to the sample rail.


Sample sale wedding dresses come in all different sizes. At Little White Dress we stock sizes 6 right through to size 26.  However, his does not restrict you to just that size range. You can take the dress in by up to two sizes, or let it out by one size, using a reputable seamstress. We are happy to pass on the details of seamstresses who’s work we have seen.

Here at LWD you can always have your dress cleaned after any alterations have been completed. Ask in your appointment for more details and prices!

How much are sample sale wedding dresses?

Sample gowns can differ in price. The Designer often dictates the RRP, therefore the sample price will depend on the dresses age and condition. But in some cases, you can expect to pay up to a 70% reduction of the RRP!

What’s great about a sample gown is because you haven’t paid the full RRP, you may have some money left in your budget. That will allow you to alter the design, you may want to add sleeves or alter the neckline. The choice is yours!

It’s important to remember that all dresses that are bought as a sample gown, are sold as seen. Make sure you always have a good look at the dress, as once you have bought it – you cannot return it.

Environmental impact

When you are ordering a new dress, it often has to be shipped from the other side other world. With a sample gown, the dress you see, is the dress you buy and take home! Perfect for those brides who are conscious of the eco effects of ordering a new dress. You are not extending the carbon footprint of any dress! Win for you – win for the planet!

We hope that this blog has helped you understand the differences between buying off-the-peg verses buying made-to-order gowns. For any other information or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Little White Dress xx

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